The best A cappella group in the history of the world. Only the best singers can ever think about making it. Everyone that doesnt go to PCHS sucks at life
"I just made Fusion!"
by A Kid April 14, 2005
a set location where a group of people gather together to become one.
Hey guys, wanna go to Fusion tonight?
by David December 10, 2003
(man)A giant ass douchebag on a game called Cheatskape, loves the show "Roll Models" and masturbates to gay three-way orgys.
Has a very small penis
and loves men
Ex.1 "That guy's such a Fusion"
Ex.2 "That guy watched a dude Fusion with two other men, he liked it."
#fusion #is #gay #lol #men #he #liked #it
by Anonymous1231312314 April 14, 2009
First person shooter player obsessed with hitting people with shovels.
You got owned by fusion
by Fusion September 17, 2003
Fusion is byfar the BEST Tony Hawk's Underground player in the world. His style owns everyone else's, his NMs are ownage, and everyone likes him.
SiN Fine Lines manager.
by Fusion May 27, 2004
Sexual Intercourse
AppleGirl and some hobo had fun with there fusion last night.
by fritz June 15, 2004
An awful genre of music that tried to combine rock with jazz, which simply produced crap. Fortunately it sprang up in the 70's and died quickly. It is the direct result of a decade full of hippies smoking dope and popping LSD.
"What the hell is this shit?"
"I found it in the jazz section."
"This ain't jazz. Turn that fusion crap off. Now let's use it as a Frisbee for the dog."
by thegreatwhitehype January 04, 2004
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