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A combination of the two words furry and fuzzy, ferring to any animal, usually a small ammal, that displays both characteristics and that can be decribed by both words
That chipmunk is so furzy!
Look at that baby monkey, it is so furzy!
by cm13 October 30, 2011
{Furry} and {cozy}. And actually I made this up over 12 years you were not the first to come up with this word, sorry to say.
I have a 14-pound {furzy} cat who likes to curl up on the end of my bed.
by jesusgirl101 February 23, 2009
Furzy is a cross between the words fuzzy and furry. I made it Me~self!!
"Oooooh this sweater is furzy!!"

"Eeeeew thats a furzy tongue because he smoked!!"
by HunnyBee March 06, 2008
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