someone who says they're not gay, but every time they wrestle with men, they try to get some nut feels
Alex is at it again, will his furkness ever end?
by Jake May 08, 2003
Top Definition
Replacement for another word that my mommie doesn't want me to say.
Used in teeny AIM chats.
hottiegurl:lik omg did u c dat new britny concert OMG

supachick:i saw it and was lik 'omg wat teh furk'

hottiegurl:LOL furk

supachick:shut teh furk up u furkin faker

hottiegurl:FAKER OMG SHUT UP

supachick:furk face

hottiegurl:i am so not fake i meen omg i by all my clos at 'young chikiez'

supachick:ooooo wow stil fake


hottiegurl has furked off
by TheWiggidy December 04, 2003
A very rich kid or someone who likes expensive stuff
Dude 1: "Dude, did you just get yourself a brand new phone? You just bought one last week! Oh my god, you're such a furk."
Furk: "Furk?"
Dude 1: "F U, Rich Kid."
by iamnotafurk May 26, 2012
Doing something for fun that happens to coincide with your field of expertise. Similar to "geeking out", but at a heightened level of intensity because it engages both the work ethic and the recreational desires of the participants.
In the middle of the party, Cosmo and Marty pulled out a laptop and started furking on a computational fluid solver for optimizing mixed drinks.
by Casey Muratori September 29, 2005
Comes from the rural suburbs of ventnor,a small town on the isle of wight, originating from the aboriginies of ventnor Post Office. Use Furk in exchange for any verb, it is slang for doing any activity, or to insult somebodies mother,or to go behing a noun, to emphasize its immportance.
Furk off you Furker.
Furk that over here.
Just put that furking thing in 'ere.
Im going for a Furk.
by Kieran O'Callaghan June 08, 2004
FURK is an acronym for "For Unlawful Rectal Knowledge". FURK is when a man is having sexual intercouse with a woman from behind or doggy style in her vagina, and with one quick motion puts his penis in her anus and plays it off as a total accident. A man will FURK his woman in an attempt to see her reaction to anal sex.
Dude I FURKED my girlfriend last night and she squealed like a pig and flipped out on me!
by Turdpipe June 09, 2013
work that is fun. Fun + work = furk.
If your hobby is your prime source of income. Enjoying what you do for a living.
If you furk, then you never have to go to work.
Actors, photographers, artists, athletes. Doing what they love and getting paid for it.
"I furk hard for a living"
"are you furking hard or hardly furking?"
"i can furk all day"
by Furking genius February 16, 2010
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