A website for prepubescent boys who try to make themselves feel important by posting insults for already stupid topics. Oh and for posting compilations too.
Child: "Justin Bieber is a fag and Twilight is stupid!"

The Entire Planet: "True and?"

Child: "and I'm cool because I posted it on a lame website just like a bunch of other homos on Funnyjunk."
by Smitty0507 April 16, 2010
A stupid website that used to be funny but now is ran by a guy name The Designer who made the site give your computer a virus.
man #1 : Hey have u seen funnyjunk lately

man#2 : No i stopped going on there since the designer came because he gave my comp a virus
by SMITHattack June 11, 2010
Probly the best shit ever where people sit around and laugh at REALLY AWESOMELY CUTE ASS CATS!!! Its so cool there's so many cute little cats!!
Chelsea: omg! I wish I could see non stop cute little cats
Roxy_baby: you sure can go see funnyjunk its the bomb
*Chelsea looks at funnyjunk*
Chelsea: I love this so much!! Thank you Roxy_baby *schmoo schmoo schmoo*
by guess who!! Vixen January 21, 2008
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