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The God of all sugary yummy confections.
Go and get me one. Now. I order you to.
by Leiko October 06, 2004
When someone takes a funnel and shoves it down someones elses asshole and takes a shit in it. Reshit it on to a plate cover with whip cream and enjoy:)
funnel cakes are delicious.
by Pseudonym123456789456789 February 03, 2011
when 2 girls are having sex... and one takes a funnel and pees into it letting the pee go into the other girls vagina.
Damn.. that funnel cake was so warm.
by Jim555 June 28, 2006
a male who demonstrates homosexual tendencies, but who is in reality heterosexual
He looks like a funnel cake in those asspants.
by Donald Kelipse Johnson May 06, 2005
the act of wrapping one's penis around the scrotum to make it look like a delicacy often found at amusement parks
guy: hey guys come into the bathroom for a second, i need to show you something

other guys: what is it

guy: check out this sweet funnel cake
by champion of friendship June 29, 2011
When a woman is really hot. But, her face is always sticky...
Dude, that chick is hot, and she loves to give head, what a funnel cake.
by Lutreyxos July 10, 2008
To use your dong as the \"funnel\", your baby gravy as the \"cake batter\" and some hot chick\'s stomach area (near her belly button) as the frier. If you\'ve ever watched or made a funnel cake, it is now abundantly clear.
Damn! Frank was so worried about knocking up his girlfriend he pulled out and made a funnel cake!
by Frank Klaune April 26, 2005
same as diarrhea...when you finish leaving your diarrhea in the toilet, it resembles a funnel cake when its being cooked
my stomach was killing me last night, i had the shits all night and left many funnel cakes in the toilet
by ebjimmyg May 30, 2005
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