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When a person or object is full of funk.
Check it out man, he's so funkalicious!
by Trogdor the Burninator November 06, 2003
Something which is both Fun or Funky and Delicious
"Wow Kinder Suprise there Funkalicious"

"My girlfriend somestimes uses whipped cream in the bedroom its Funkalicious"
by Adsa November 10, 2005
A combination of the words funky and delicious. Synonymous with cool, unique and steezy.
Some times sung to the song Fergalicious by Fergie, from "fergalicious, so delicious, but i ain't promiscuous..." to "funkalicious,so delicious, but i ain't promiscuous..."
Check out those kids skating, they are SO funkalicious.
by funkychicken23 December 08, 2008
Full Of Delicious funk. thought up by a mental patient (roughly 2004). FUNKALICIOUS!!!
"Dude, That Party Was Funkalicious!"
by ElusiveKangaroo March 13, 2010
An adjective used to describe something that is funky, awesome, exciting, amazing, terrific, etc...
Was created by Tess Ania Landry a few years ago (roughly 2006) in attempt to find a word to describe just how awesomely amazing something was.
-I'm Having A Funkalicious Day!
-Your outfit is simply funkalicious!
by T.A.L. November 30, 2009
the combination of Funky and delicious.
Girl 1: " The word funky is soooooooo last year!"
Girl 2: "I no right"
Girl 1: " so i changed it and made it funkalicious"
Girl 2: " That is soooooooo cool!!!!"
by Abbie is a alley cat December 05, 2009