1.A l33t god, usually a person who shows incredible skill in whatever he does.
damn that guy is a fung....hes just too godly...
by Owner of a Monkey September 20, 2003
Top Definition
A male Asian normally with a unreal amount of swag. He is most likely to get all the bitches and is great at soccer.
Guy1- "look at fung over there with all those bitches"
Guy2- "right!, i wish a were him"
Guy3 - "he's even a beast at soccer"
by Thecorrectdictonary October 16, 2011
cool, buff, choong, any positive adjective can now be defined by FUNG.
'heyy babes,,, that piic of you is well fungg, you look siik'
by Jay the G December 23, 2007
Fucked Up New Generation.
"Man, you're part of the F.U.N.G!"
by S4RJO December 29, 2012
Youngsters from modern society who don't appreciate anything from the past. They take most of what they have for granted. They do not see the beauty in anything from the past. They rely too much on modern day technology. They can't see quality when it's always been there.
"You're part of the F.U.N.G bro..."
by S4RJO January 01, 2013
An asian boy that snitches on a black man for drugs
Wot a fung....

He just funged on him...

Beware of the fung....
by noblest December 02, 2010
1. The greatest and 1337est of all!
You are the Fungest of all the Fungs!!!!
by Bootlegger World! September 26, 2004
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