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adj. when something is evidently bad and unfortunate, but has personal positive connotations.

Other forms: funfortunately (adv.)
Dude 1: Hey man, your wife's been crying over there for the past hour, what's her deal?
Dude 2: Well, funfortunately, her dipshit cat who pissed all over my fucking apartment got hit by a snowplow.
Dude 1: I'm sorry.
Dude 2: Are you kidding? That's great!
by NotablyRandom December 20, 2009
Adj- Something fun or funny that happens in the midst of a usually tedious task or negative situation.
I had to go to the doctor today which sucked, however, it was funfortunate that the doctor gave me a lollipop at the end of my visit.
by Fountain Penn March 24, 2011