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That one uncle that you have that is a little..TOO funky. Funky + Uncle = Funcle.
Some kid: "Hey, why can't you come to my party?"
You: "My funcle is in know what that means."
Some kid: "SHOOT!"
by Marsh to the All August 04, 2010
a funcle is a fun uncle.
Funcles contract syphillis more than regular uncles
by seanscape August 08, 2005
A cross between a father and uncle. Like when your mom marries her husband's brother or has sex with him.

Usually done between incestual familie's who have no scrupels about who they get it on with or what monstrosities they may produce if they happen to get pregnant by the funcle.
that girl's dad's brother married his wife. Now he's her funcle.
by psuef November 13, 2008
Someone who at first is your uncle and then hooks up with your mom and marries her and becomes your father instead. Combine Father and uncle and you have a funcle. This mostly happens with low income, ignorant redneck families.
Tom said, "My mom is now dating my uncle Kenny and they are getting married next month, so I guess that makes him my funcle or step-funcle."
by suzytdogg October 23, 2006
a female uncle (different than an aunt)

Luke: My uncle speaks 7 different languages!
Kseniya: Oh i'm so jealous i want to be your uncle
Luke: Post surgery I hope
Kseniya: No, im a funcle!
by lukeniya January 19, 2009
A man who is both one's father and uncle. If someone "has a funcle", you're saying they're really dumb and demented. Persephone from Greek mythology quite literally had a funcle. If someone "marries their funcle", you're saying they will do anything without hesitation.
guy 1: That's weird.
guy 2: that is NOT weird! You totally have a funcle!
by Aphrodite's Reincarnation October 16, 2008
A contraction for "fucking uncle" If your uncle was an asshole, or had beaten you, whatever your case may be... he is a funcle.
My funcle just yelled at me for getting home at 11:00 at night and I'm 24!
by bowflexdan July 26, 2010
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