Someone who soaks up fun
Mark: I'm going to start saving up for a big musical shopping spree :P

Lizzie: Bills first...

The world: what a fun sponge
by I have big boobs May 18, 2011
Someone who walks into a room and literally soaks up all the fun , as a sponge would to water . Also known as a buzz-kill or a party-pooper .
Colum Leen is such a fun-sponge , he always kills the buzz boner and wants to do work in class .
by Andrew1134 May 07, 2009
Someone who won't do something because they are afraid of what others may think about them!
Fun Sponge = girl at party who will not ride mechanical bull cause she has a dress on...who is offered shorts and who conveniently forgets to tell you she has pants in the car...
by Fizzlefest host August 20, 2012
A person that is usually described as soaking up all the fun out of a room or situation. They are generally quite boring, lame and humourless people and don't allow those around them to have any fun.
Person 1: Hey is laura wagner coming to the party tonight??
Person 2: No I told tara not to invite her, she's your typical type of fun sponge. I mean I do want to have fun tonight don't you?
by horbagz91 January 30, 2012
Those lame people who don't go out and soak up all the fun and energy.
Oh my god, ellie holden is such a fun sponge. She literally sucks the life from her more fun friends!
by Fruitykid November 03, 2011
A Fun Sponge is when a person or yourself sucks all the fun out of a certain situation.
Oh shut up. Stop being a fun sponge.
by Scoodle948 August 05, 2011
Fun Sponge is a person in a gaming community that is typically an admin that lets NOONE have any fun. They will no clip everywhere and watch your every single move! They generally take EVERY rule and hold tight to it! No one likes them...
During gameplay, The two fun sponges, Digitalkiller and Lazer, Banned me for having a trap door. They fun sponged me and by banning me.
by fun sponge eliminator April 07, 2009
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