A chick sucks your dick then its lubbed up so u dip it in crystalized candy and then get her to suck it off.
she gave me a great fun dip last night
by kurtis jack April 07, 2006
When a girl is giving you oral ...a little blow and after a while she puts a little fun dip on your p**** and then sucks it off
Jane gave Tom a little fun dip!
by Tiffany November 12, 2004
Anal Sex with a crusted over penis.
I was down at the beach fun dip 'ing my girlfriend with a sandy dog.
by ChurroDealer December 20, 2006
a word substituting the word/gang rip n dip for gang related reasons and so the parentals wont bust your ass.
jaquida you better tell your parents that rip n dip really means fun dip so you wont get whipped!
by click April 02, 2005
When a girl performs manual sex on herself, pulls out her wet fingers, sticks them in the man's mouth then proceeds to stick the mixture of bodily fluids into her own mouth.
Hey this girl just pulled the fun dip.

I got fun dip this weekend
-David Ramos
by Fload linger August 29, 2016
Oral sex position where the male dips his penis in sugar and the woman licks it off.
This girl was wild, she gave me a fun dip last night.
by nakedy September 25, 2014
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