A male, usually white, normally in college but not always. Always wears a striped button up shirt and has gel in his hair (very metro-sexual). Enjoys dancing to the latest pop or rap and doing a bad job at it. Hang out in groups of four or more and can be hard to spot do to the striped configuration while standing so close together. Can be seen giving excessive amounts of "high fives" or "ass slaps" while enjoying lite beer, ultra lite beer, or bright colored fruity drinks. They try to hook up with chicks but it never works and they go home together wondering why none of them managed to seal the deal.
"Look at those fun boys over there, they can't dance and are drinking chick drinks. I think one just had some gel drip into his beer!"
by Brian665 December 04, 2007
Top Definition
A male with latent homosexual tendencies who enjoys the company of other males and listens to German techno music while wearing a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, the collar popped, and sandals. This is adapted from the Simpsons episode "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" where at the end, Bart and Grandpa are hugging, and the rich German guy calls out to them: "Hey fun boys, get a room." He then drives off listening to techno music.
"Look at those fun boys drinking Miller Lite."
by Vaughan Piccolo August 17, 2005
A stylish guy, of indeterminate sexual orientation. Basically, your classic "metrosexual."
John li is a Funboy because he listens to Dispatch and works at Merryl Lynch.
by Enrique K January 13, 2004
1.A slang for a gay man
2.a character from the 1994 movie "The Crow"
"Remember the scene where Eric killed Fun Boy?"
by Emmi June 20, 2004
Referring to a male that either acts gay, is gay, slightly gay, has gay qualities, rather hang out with guys then girls, a male dancer, in other words a name for a suspected homosexual.
hey look at that fun boy over there.
by John Beeeeeeeeeeeee January 19, 2011
Unlike the other people seem to suggest for this entry, a funboy is not necessarily gay. He is more of a metrosexual; the kind of really stylish guys that dress in expensive clothes like they might be gay, but are just really stylish.
I saw a couple funboys headed to the club wearing their cashmere and pink polo shirts.
by greg January 03, 2004
Group of young, unimaginative boys who all have the same "sucked mango" hairstyle and all wear the same clothes and shoes. The alpha male of the group is usually in the pinkest our loudest coloured shirt.

The collective noun for fun boys is pod.
Look at that pod of fun boys trying to hit on all the ladies
by The_House May 05, 2008
An "ass pirate", of the first order. Often observed dancing to disco, wearing leather chaps, and a Muir cap.
"Hey Fun Boy...Velcome to zee funhaus!"
by D. Gould June 26, 2006
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