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a dumb elf, as coined in the movie "Elf"
"i'm nothing but a cottonheaded ninnymuggins"
by dfg January 05, 2004
chores of a slave ; Antonym of the word fun
"Man a job aint nuthin but WORK!"
by DFG January 14, 2003
the anus
poop and farts excrete from my fart hole.
by dfg January 03, 2004
A moron
you are such a nipple head
by DFG January 14, 2003
some one with very foul breath
she has a fart mouth, yeck!
by dfg January 03, 2004
Confused and/or tired of thinking about stuff because one is too lazy
yes I am COMB-BUZZLED about this swhole thing, now I am going on lunch break.
by DFG April 23, 2003
a dumb ass
you fucking fart mouth, stoke my cock, eat my balls.
by dfg January 03, 2004
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