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the act of humping furniture as a means of sexual stimulation so as to keep one from doing stupid things such as chronic masturbation or rape; often done in such segregated environments as the armed forces or summer programs such as GHP
Dude there are no bitches here and I'm so horny; let's go fumping!
by GSB55 June 27, 2009
When someone farts on a dick while butt fucking
Stop fumping on my dick
by SlappinNutz April 04, 2011
When you fuck someone in order to dump your bf/gf.
Jay:Hey are you finally fumping Jordan tonight.
Chelsea: Yah I can't say it to his face.
by Torie<3<3 June 13, 2008
Meaning fucked up thumping, fumping. When you hear someone cruising by with a crappy fucked up system.
man there goes homeboy fumping in that ford escort.
by ronnie duran September 01, 2007
The combination of the words fist and pumping. Fist + Pumping= Fumping
Bobby: "Dude this is totally fumping music."
Clark: "Yeah man, lets fump."
by plannpony August 06, 2010
You combine fuckin and humping to get "fumping" So when you say fumping, you mean 'fuckin humping'
"haha Kaila! Look at them, they're fumping!"
by Shawn May 07, 2005

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