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this is an activity where someone takes a bath and farts in the tub to make little fart bubbles. now the creative part. the person performing this activity tries to bite the fart bubbles before they pop.
oh shit man, taking baths used to be boring. now i get my fun by fumping in the tub.
by rammsteinfreak March 16, 2009
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When you sit on the toilet and you think your going to take a normal dump, but then you EXPLODE and you fart and take a huge dump at the same time.
guy 1: "Man that was loud!"

guy 2:"Yea, I fumped like a motha' fucka'!"
by RandomRiceCake March 14, 2011
A dance where one person gets on the floor and does push-ups, while another person gets on top of them and humps to the "Jump In!" soundtrack; an alternate to the word "fuck".
Ex1:Man, me and Chealsea fumped so hard last night!
Ex2: Well fump you!
by Twerkinonluigi69 February 21, 2014
a man who smells women bicycle seats.
that guy is the biggest fump ever.
by cjaygreen December 02, 2011
Fap humping, it was made up in palringo's "official PIMD" group long before people disgraced it with things such as farting on dicks.

Fap humping is you fapping as you hump someone.
Boy: Damn, Aoife was really fumping Tay last night, did you see how into it she was getting?
Girl: Ikr?! And Tay was too drunk to notices she had her hands in her pants!
by Minxy Lestrange December 30, 2011
To give affection to your pet or another person with your foot.
Usually when you are too lazy to reach down and pet your kitty, you'll fump her instead, using your feet to stroke her fur.

I am fumping the doggy.
by Beyond exodus November 12, 2011
The act of bumping fists.
"Your spicy chipotle sauce is the bomb. Give me a FUMP!"

"Hey bro, give me a fump..."

"Fump IT"

"Fump yeah!"

"Can't fump this"
by Oakland speaks February 15, 2013

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