When a person's ass is full of semen after being the recipient of anal sex from multiple persons on the same day. Known to occur often in bath houses or prisons.
Bruce let his man and his man's men poke his brown eye. He now has a full moon
by nassau70 June 06, 2010
Top Definition
When someone with a large arse bends over.
Mrs Rogers bent over infront of me and the warewolves started howling at the full moon.
by Dickie Martin December 18, 2006
1. A person's butt
2. One of the Phases of the Lunar cycle.
3. A very beautiful but deppressing manga, about a twelve your old girl named Mitsuki Koyama. She wants to become a famous pop singer to fullfill a promise she made but is prevented by her Grandma who hates All music, and the fact that Mitsuki has throat cancer. Then one day, a couple of shinigami come to take her soul. However she negotiates with them and becomes "Full Moon" a talented sixteen year old pop singer. After becoming "Full Moon" Mitsuki runs away form home. She is a very sad girl who stuggles between staying alive or succumbing to her disease. If you read "Full Moon" you'll ger why. (By the way "Mitsuki" is the Japanese word for "Full Moon")
Full Moon is amazing!
by Deathmaiden May 10, 2010
When you hide the entirety of your penis by wrapping your balls upward, creating a lumpy, lunar surface that anyone may take a voyage on.
Anthony showed me his Full Moon.
by Layenem October 22, 2014
When someone bends all the way over (usually to pick something up) and their butt is high in the air, facing you.
girl bends over to pick something up
guy: fullmoon!
girl blushes
by hkwyllis April 19, 2007
extreme stupidity
Q: Why the heck did jeff pay one grand for that beater?
A: Full moon
by definitioner999 February 12, 2009
That time of the month.
If you looked closely at Sheila's neck, you would swear that you'd find two punctures there. White as a ghost. No blood left. Full moon!!!!
by Bozlog November 09, 2006
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