crazy twins that have magical powers to do great things. both constantly wearing black puffy jackets to impress and hot abs to rule them all. minds are linked together to form crazy majikk ---
--to be fuji.. -- to have magic powers -- to be twins
person 1: omg...that LAMP IS FLOATING
person 2: there's FUJI AFOOT =O
by dayum_beetch December 25, 2004
what the ****! or something bad is happing. Something wrong.
by Kenzie March 12, 2003
1. A person with friends called Kodak, Tuna, etc.
2. A pyro-maniac with no life that watches anime all day.
3. Very self-concious and angry people who literally only have 10 friends.
1. Fuji and co.
2. It's a Fuji!
3. Don't be such a Fuji.
by Jiajia December 19, 2005
Something prithvi wished he had..
looking in if i only had a fuji..twinkle bell comes in..she says i can make you a wish what is it? he starts to talk twinkle bell looks down at him and flies away
by R I M A March 26, 2003
it can mean anything you want it to mean
What the fuji
You are such a fuji
Go to fuji
by Prithvi March 08, 2003
a gay short person who fucks alot
u r such a fuji!!! u want to do everyone in schol!
by diego s November 30, 2006
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