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A strangely interesting, and some what rare type of girl. If you wish to meet a Fuhlola she can be lured, some what easily, by shiny pennies, cupcakes, and cotton candy.
Dude, like every yard you drop a penny, wtf?

You just wait... She'll come....


by Fuhlola July 05, 2009
A failing wanna be pole dancer. Has many self inflicted pole dancing wounds including bruises, scratches, and concussions. It is a good idea to not be present while she is attempting to pole dance as you also may be injured (mentally or physically).
Fuhlola: Hey guys watch this!

Person 1: Oh, no! please don-

Fuhlola: Whooo! *SPLAT!* Ouch... ****.
by Fuhlola July 05, 2009
A girl constantly blamed for doing drugs and/or being high when she actually just had too much Mt. Dew and candy bars.
Ugh... why is she doing the Hokey Pokey in the parking lot? Ugh. She must be on something.

No... she's just a Fuhlola.
by Fuhlola July 05, 2009
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