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A replacement for the f-bomb when parents/teachers/Jesus is nearby. Can be spelled with one or two F's at the end (not that you'd ever need to write it down).

The comical value of using this is great - from a distance it sounds exactly like "the big one". A quick explanation later and "blammo!" you got yourself a new classroom word.
Teacher: Has everyone got their novelisation of the the screenplay "Alabama Chainsaw Massacre"?

Cool kid: Oh, fuff!


Cool kid: It's coo' maan. Chill your fuffin' ass.
by AforesaidCoolKid September 23, 2007
Fucking Ugly Fat Friend(s)

Used to describe the inevitability of desirable (i.e hot) women having grotesque, often obese women befriend them, and therefore having these 'Fuffs'tag along with them at various gatherings such as clubs and parties (The end result being innocent men out looking for a piece of some fine poon getting frustrated to no end)

*Thanks to Mick Joel and all the boys who hate Fuffs!
"Those Fuff(s) are makin' me dry wretch damn it!"

"I'd love to go over and chat to that fine walking headjob, however the Fuff with the muffin top protruding beneath her saggy pathetic breasts bearing those hideous tumbleweed-esque nipples is certainly making me think twice!"

"Yo dude check out that Fuff! I name her 'Herpes Queen'(HAHAHA TAKE THAT MADISON!!!)"

"I'd hate to be the bloke who gets himself stuc with that Fuff"

"That Fuff should think about waxing her neck hair!"
by Timmay!! December 26, 2005
A noise made by cats who pass in the hall but don't like each other. Usually accompanied by batting each other with their front paws.

Also an alternative for the f word, discovered by accident when a pikey was arguing whilst eating a kebab.
The cats are hissing and fuffing again.

I wish you would fuff off.
by suey December 01, 2003
When you feel a bit down, but your not quite upset yet. Its a expression to use if your a bit tired as well.
How Are You?
Not a good day then.
by Abii October 04, 2007
1. Nonsense

2. An expression of discontent
Ex. 1

Johnny: I'm going to die if I can't pee now!

Mom: Oh, fuff! You can wait until the next rest stop.

Ex. 2

Teacher: And now you have to write a 10 page report.

Jimmy: Awww, fuff! I didn't even read the story!
1. (adj) Fucked Up for Free (This is notably different than fucked up for fun, as being fucked up for fun usually costs money, and there are specific guidelines to what can be classified as fucked up for free.). In order to be FUFF'd, the following criteria must be met:

1. The substance in question must be procured free of charge (i.e. found, stolen, or given to the person)

2. The person must use the substance to achieve an altered state of consciousness.
Carly: "Dude.. I'm wicked high right now off the baggie I found in the hallway."

Chris: "So you're F.U.F.F. Congratulations!"

George: "Dude, I'm wicked fuff'd right now!"

Matt: "On what?"

George: "Paint, cough syrup, and non-prescription pain killers!"

Matt: (nods approvingly) "Good looks, man!"
by S.H.E.P. March 02, 2009
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