An event involving several IT System or Hardware failures in a short period of time. Usually marked by a several-million to one chance of occurance.

Will usually produce trembles, tremors and nervous ticks in upper level IT managers.
We lost a load balancer and two servers today! It was a total fucktastrophe!
by seevo315 March 28, 2011
Top Definition
1) adj. An event or action that occurs that is so wrong/horrible that it creates hostile emotions from multiple people that may/ or may not have been involved.

2) adj. A larger catastrophe than a catastrophe
Dude A, "Did you see that Octo-mom had 8 kids?"

Dude B, "Yeah! And she already had 6 kids and NO job and NO Husband!"

Dude A, "Now we get to pay taxes for those bastards"

Dude B, "What a Fucktastrophe!"
by DudeA March 02, 2009
when sex goes horribly wrong.
Dave: dude i heard you got some last night....
Mike: i would have, but it was a total FUCKTASTROPHE!
Dave: Whyzzat?
Mike: turns out Jocelyn had a huge penis.... T^T
Dave: XD

sex catastrophe fuck horrible owned
when it's such a catastrophe that you're fucked.
Boyfriend: "How's your day baby?"
Girlfriend: "horrible, a project for this new client is a mess, no one is taking responsibility for it, we are all over the place for deadlines, that it is becoming a fucktastrophe"
by Frizzy Beard June 27, 2012
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