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Rather stupid person
What is that fuckpot doing?!
by drdjday August 29, 2005
Fuck pot: An individual who is as big an asshole as s/he is an idiot. They cannot be trusted with even the simplest of tasks, as their inferior brain's cannot process the requirement to actually think. It is a bad idea to give them any form of responsibility, as it is a certainty that they will fuck it up. Do not let them drive, be in charge of any major organisations or lend them anything. Letting them out in public is up to your discretion, but we highly advise against it.
Person A: "Hey, could you lend me that ********** CD?"
Person B: "No. You are a fuck pot. I'll never get it back"
Person A: *drool* "Butterfly!"
Person B: *face-palm*
by Starkid Tamie February 17, 2011
standardized unit of measurement. plethora of. too much.
That lady had a whole fuckpot of kids!
by 77Horses August 27, 2010
definition: "being surrounded by a large group of people who have all fucked.." "leading to akward looks, conversations, etc."
Im at a bar surrounded by a fuck pot
by lilmermaid0608 March 14, 2014
can be used as a term of endearment or to address a Catholic school girl
shayla: hey fuckpot
alana: aww u sexy whore i love u!
by Alana December 02, 2004
(n.) Hyperactive and childish person.
See S.J
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004

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