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Being fuckly = when a person is ugly but still fuckable.

Or when a person has repulsive parts (body, character...) but not enough to be unerotic/unlovable.

Fuckly person: A person who is erotic in a matter of taste to some people. (often used in a negative way but not always)

It's a result from the combination of the words fuck and ugly and was earlier often used in meaning of a sexual act (one-night-stands) at which an ugly person profits from the charity alike intends of a "prettier" person.
Who said you're ugly? Hey, look at me. And I don't hear you complaining. You are still fuckly enough to make me go wild each and every day, babe.
by TKchaos July 02, 2010
Very fast with extreme speed.
The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown dog very FUCKLY!
by Ganplision February 05, 2004
v. <fuckled, fucklying>
The act of having sexual intercourse fuck with a person who’s appearance is so repulsive ugly, fugly, that they would otherwise have no sexual relationships with anyone else. The actions is recognized as a charity event for the ugly. Origin is from the combination of the words fuck and ugly in 2007.
Miss would you like for me to fuckly you tonight?
Do you like the manner inwhich I am fucklying you right now?
I fuckled my teacher last night.
by YU eze October 04, 2007
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