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A more precise way of indicating the quality of being fucked up within an object than to simply state that they're fucked up. Measured in °FU, or "degrees fucked up". 0°FU is the absolute minimum, indicating that the object is not fucked up. There is no known maximum of fuckitude; however, the world record for highest fuckitude is the event of George Bush becoming the President of the United States, which measured out into 1,024°FU.
Fuckitude rating of 2g1c: 74°FU
by Lee Godflesh January 05, 2009
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When something is so garte that you cannot find a word to describe it.
I got the best head last night dude it was like... like... its was just pure fuckitude.
by Chance Dummitt January 23, 2008
when something bad happens and it leads to alot of other bad things
oh fuckitude, my shoe fell off in the mud
by jerry swim March 14, 2010

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