Top Definition
With the intensity of wild sex
Dude, i fuckingly had your mom last night.
by weirdashell April 21, 2010
a word that is hard to define, but i can give you an example
That show is so fuckingly funny!
by BowL '0' TatEr SalaD April 22, 2007
The act of doing something in a thrusting motion with your pants off.
I fuckingly mowed the lawn
by dc kerlin February 29, 2008
The cooler, more hip counterpart to "lovingly."
"And then, after she's reclined fully, begin to fuckingly caress her breasts, perhaps while giving her a fuck-hither look."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
very very badly, half-assed
He did his homework fuckingly.
by myrealname May 04, 2008
the way one plays with noah's mom.
i fuckingly danced on noah's mom
by shamus February 28, 2005

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