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1 - To be in total agreement with the previous statement.
2 - A term usually found hilarious whilst intoxicated.
Guy 1: Joe's mom is hot
Guy 2: Fuckin EH!

2 -
Drunk chick 1: Fuckin eh
Drunk chick 2: HAHAHA Fuckin EH!!!!!
by Jyynx November 19, 2006
132 25
An exclamation that is almost as versatile as the word 'fuck' itself. More common amongst canadians, who are more prone to using the term "eh".
"Are we gonna win?" "Fuckin'eh we will!"
"Fuckin' eh man, what the hell are you doing?"
"I got them for free""Fuckin'eh!"
It'll work in tons more ways than this too...
by Taylor May 26, 2003
89 16
Yes, you are right
Do I want to go to the store...Fuckin eh!
by Jason October 15, 2003
82 21
More awesome than awesome
Person1: I just had an 8-some!!!! xDxD

Person2: Fuckin' eh!
by $e9a June 02, 2009
30 4
Pronuciation: fu/kin/'ay
Function: colloquialism - Canada
1a : I agree, I concur with your analysis b : an expression of unrestrained joy or excitement c : a descriptor of anything stupifyingly awesome and otherwise ineffable, where words simply fail.
Jerry: Jim's daughter is sprouting a nice set of tits on her, eh Phil?

Phil: She's only 12 you dirty old perv.

Jerry: Fuckin 'eh.
by RoboChrist January 04, 2010
23 4
a term used when complete agreement has been met.
"we're gonna get so stoned it'll make schindler's list funny as fuck!"
by dizzy~b June 02, 2005
41 32
Something really awesome/exciting.
Person 1: "I just scored a pound of cocaine and 3 sexy bitches!"
Person 2: "Fuckin' eh!!"
by emilymeara March 09, 2008
10 2