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1. Could be used for "Many", "Large amount" or "A lot". Usually said as "Shitload".

2. Someone/something false. Untrue. It is a lot of "Bullshit"

Fuck is used to express the impact. Farm is used to represent the large amount.

It is acceptable to say this as "Fuckfield" as well.
1. There was a fuckfarm of drama going on down town!

2. Jimmy told me that Karin was pregnant. Can't believe that fuckfarm.
by lionlionlionlionlion November 18, 2011
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a place namely a whore house in which u can have any pick of gurlz and then have nasty ape sex with them; a bar or club that a man with incredible lady skills can have his pick in both women and positions.
greg: we can go to a new place or my regular fuck farm.
adrian: lets just go to the fuck farm i have like 300 dollars.
by samuel adams February 10, 2005
A whore, a slut. A person, usually female, who has sex all the time, with many people.
"Dude I just got laid by Marla"
"Dude I fucked Marla 2 hours ago."
"Damn that bitch is a fuckfarm."
by Chaos Zero June 01, 2003

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