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When someone is trying to get over on you.
"Oh, you are going to try to fire me? That's some fuckery right there!"
by Jus mic February 02, 2010
To fuck your friends over; to make a fool of someone; a prank pulled on someone at their expense.
I pulled some fuckery on Tom by photoshopping his face onto the pussy of that big fat black women in the photograph and emailing it to all his friends.

"It's fuckery I tell ya, plain and simple"

"you guys want to play the fuckery game huh, well I'm the King of fuckery"

by J. Shakes April 13, 2009
Derived from the term fuck. Basically, a situation that has changed from being good to a complete fuck-up.
"My God, this whole Britney Spears deal has turned to a complete fuckery"

"How was your night Dave?"
"It was absolutely horrible fuckery. I have not been in such a bad situation since that time I took Mescaline"
by the_random_hero October 17, 2007
This statement is commonly used to express ones emotions. Emotions such as pure hatred/ extreme anger.
Hugh Jackman rejected my myspace invite.

by jancewicz August 19, 2009
noun, a brothel

This noun refers to a house of prostitution.
Her speciality is to recruit chicks to work in a certain fuckery in Alabama.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
another way to say bullshit
something that is considered to be rude or not right
Girl #1: I messaged him and he didn't even reply because he was set on "busy".
Girl #2: Wow, how rude.
Girl #1: "I know, how could he do that to me? That's fuckery."
by LIRF August 21, 2008
A profane derivative of "tomfoolery," any action or business deemed as wrong. Utilized by Stephen King in the novel "The Stand" in 1978, finding a resurgence today on the Canadian television show "Trailer Park Boys."
"That wasn't an act of God. It was an act of pure human fuckery." -- "The Stand"

"What do you think that could be, Julian? Hope it isn't some sort of fuckery." -- "Trailer Park Boys."
by Robberdob75 October 18, 2009