1. In reference to yourself, very fucked, done for, finished, fucked yourself, or were fucked over badly. up shit creek fucked
I should have written that exam, I am so fuckered now.
by JawsOfLife July 04, 2006
Top Definition
A word describing an object that is not working properly or working in a fashion it shouldn't be, yet isn't fully broken.
My semi-auto paintball gun is fuckered. It's stuck on full-auto, and it doesn't even have an option for that!
by Snake556 September 01, 2005
The state of mind experienced after more than a day of drug use in the Agricola compound. Can also be modified with "jigger" to mean a state of being completely unhinged and unfit for public consumption.
Man, I've been here on Agricola Street getting fuckin fuckered off my ass for three days now.

I'm so jigger-fuckered I can't even sign my own name.
by emdashed March 31, 2004
From the root word "FUCK". To be unknowingly screwed, usually from behind, prison style.
That car salesmen fuckered me into buying a brand new station wagon.
I got fuckered when I bought the winged butterfly jelly vibe. It wasn't jelly soft...It was hard as fuck and toe up my clitty.
by Crit April 21, 2006
original derived from the game of euchre when one lost they were said to be fuckered. now its just a great word to use when things arent going well
my shitty internet is fuckered right now
by MarMyd June 06, 2007
Fuckered is the second most extreme use of fucked. When something is almost beyond repair and really damaged or flawed, then it is fuckered. Invented or at least made popular by a one Travis Butchart, this defintion has spread through Western Canada and Northern parts of the U.S.

This word can only be used when reffering to a damged item or person. It cannot be used as a replacment word for sex.

There are no alternate spelling of this word at this time.
My car's transmission is fuckered,. Translation: My car's transmission is blown, but I can repair it with lots of money and time. It could be thrown in the garbage.
by Charles F. Gray April 26, 2004
a person, object or situation being fucked up.
"Damn i threw my phone against the wall and now it's fuckered!"

"Dude i drank that whole bottle of Crown i was so fuckered"

"So i lost my job today. Yeh this is so fuckered"
by Stormin Norman January 10, 2006
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