Someone who thinks that facebook is so relevent that we need to make up urban dictionary entries for it. These entries are so weak and not part of normal speech that they end up with a thousands of thumbs down.
A: "Have you been checking UD? What's with all the shitty entries lately, such as "straight like" & "comment jump"?

B: "Yeah, what kind of fuck face thinks up some gay shit like that."

Please no more shitty word of they day choices, so bad that I loose faith in humans.
by pointless3 January 12, 2011
The face that an individual makes while they are fucking or getting fucked by one or two other individuals.
Guy 1: So, how good in bed was that girl you met at the club last night?

Guy 2: She was amazing, dude. She had the weirdest lookin' fuck face though, I swear.
by DonchaLoveMilk December 04, 2010
Acting like you're better then other people just to get a laugh.

Treating people like shit online just to make yourself look better.
Q: Did you see what that guy is SWG said?

A: Yeah, he sure is a Fuck Face.

Statement: Man, that guy is such a Fuck Face for treating her like that.

Statement: Damn dude, you're such a FF for doing that.

Statement: If I did that to someone you'd be calling me a Fuck Face right now.
by MrSplinter November 11, 2010
the face you make when you fuck.
he's got a beautiful fuckface
by Acash G February 01, 2009
a person that you strongly dislike or hate because they either ruined your life or say gay sayings like you have crossed the line.
"hey fuck face whats up?"
"i hate him so much that freakin fuck face"
"wait who r u talking about?"... "fuckface?" "thought so."
by jessiii January 31, 2007
the epitome of a looser/douche bag. a total waste of life. someone who might suck so much you want to beat in their ugly face.
my husband wont keep his wedding vows, he is such a fuckface.
by anon1234554321 March 13, 2011
A fuckface, is a horny homosexual socially deficient individual that finds joy in ditching friends for girls all the while collecting all sorts of canned food (Tuna) in his drawers in preparation for the upcoming apocalypse.

Stay alert when around a fuckface, they tend to be friendly and attentive eager to hear the latest gossip to spread around.

The pubic hair growing on his face can be mistaken for a beard or in most cases, eyebrows.
Fuckface: Hey man

Person 1: Where the fuck where you?

Fuckface: I was buying groceries with the girls

Person 1: Why the fuck didn't you tell me? we were supposed to go together

Fuckface: Why the fuck didn't you order me food?

Person 1: cause your a fuckface

Fuckface: Chill man
by The Foodinator October 09, 2010

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