a dumbass boy who leads you on, screws you, and then screws you over. then, when he dains to acknowledge your presence, he acts as though you two are totally cool, when in fact you want to knock him to the ground and spit in his face
"He is such a fuck face for hooking up with other girls when he apparently has been telling someone else he wants a serious relationship with her."
by Cate88 March 02, 2008
A boyfriend that uses you for sexual favors. Then dumps you right afterwards and denys your exsitance. asshole
That kid is such a Fuckface. Don't talk to him.
by coolXface August 09, 2006
A person who has annoyed you, is annoying you or is taking the piss.
Brian is being smug and taking the piss out of your new boyfriend and you say

'Shut up fuck face'

In this example 'fuck face' is used as a gentle insult
by Liz Charteris May 04, 2006
The act of Fucking some -(usually chicks) ones face. The act of fellatio, but without permission, or the face you make when you Cum.
Occaisionally used in the derogatory: hey FUCK FACE!
shit check out that dude fuck her face!

Ooooohhhhh, my fuck face.. (or Oh face)

by leichenhalle August 29, 2003
Used to describe a helpdesk, and or operator. Derogatory version of nosey/ugly
"Mind you own business, fuck face"
by Chi December 17, 2004
1. a term used when referring to what someones face looks like right after they have sex.

2. a term used when referring to the look of ultimate orgasmic pleasure at the climax
1. whoaa, just look at timmys fuck face, i can totally tell he just had sex with laura

2. marshas fuck face was fucking amazing...her oratic orgasm totally matched her expression
by E dawg February 15, 2004
1)A person that has a teribly fucked up face...

2)A ignorant person
"Dude you are a fuckface!"
"That guy over there has a fucked up face!..............what a fuckface!?"
by jugalo March 25, 2005

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