The act of getting a really drunk bird and getting them to give you a blowjob then grabbing hold of the sides of her head and screwing her mouth and throat until you blow your load
by kymcleod October 10, 2003
a fuckin bitch ass trick.
man, you fuckin fuck faces need to fuckin shut the fuck up before i motherfuck you over, fuck!
by niggasense May 31, 2004
the face that sometimes looks like the bitter beer face from the Keystone light commercials.
Holy shit, did you see the fuck face when that dude blew his load?
by fag hater January 22, 2003
a person who likes to fuck other peoples faces.
loser 1 : hey man got that karma sutra book lately
loser 2 : yes ive really been into that fuck face positio.
loser 1 : you Fuck face!
by haley_teh_BEST! August 10, 2005
Lynette/. UGLy as hell. shitface
THat Bitch is a fuck face
by Rachel April 10, 2005
Matt Freeman
Matt Freeman is a fuckface
by Mge23 March 27, 2015
A person who instantaneously pisses you off. The sight of their face gives you a strong urge to smash his/her face in until they cry.
Dude 1: Hey fuckface!
Dude 2: No, you're the fuckface!
by copke March 19, 2015

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