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An entertainment establishment, usually found in Poland. A cross between a strip-club and a brothel.
Polish Taxi: Okay, where do you want to go?
Jason: A strip-club, please.
Polish Taxi: Strip-club? What is strip-club?
Jason: You know, a strip-club - girls dancing, taking their clothes off...
Polish Taxi: Ahh! You mean FUCK-HOUSE.
Jason: Uhh, no, not a fuck-house.
Polish Taxi: Yessss, you mean fuck-house, I take you to goooooood fuck-house.
Ben: Bear.
by Alan Quartermain June 02, 2004
noun, a brothel

This noun refers to a house of prostitution.
The son of a bitch put his own daughters in a fuck-house.
by Tiago Zuhr August 25, 2008
the house where everybody goes after the dance(homecoming, prom, etc.) to fuck. there are no parents or legal gaurdians so that drinking, drug abuse, and permiscuous sex can occur without interuption. drunken behavior and all around slutyness are encouraged.
"hey guys, lets go to Yegor's house and use it as a fuck-house!"

"We need to find a fuck-house so that we can fuck these sluts, dude."
by bitchtitsman October 06, 2008
When things start to get bad.
You get caught by the police with alcohol and your under-age .

by TaylorTopham August 20, 2010
That one person who's being a real dick and says the most obvious things.
"Hey, Shane, it's raining outside."
"Thanks, fuckhouse."
by Flamingus August 06, 2009
playing poker with wild cards and purposely making a full house one number higher than another player with a full house
I lost 20 dollars because of a fuck house.
by Cupa jo July 18, 2009
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