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Usually used as an explative.

Refers to the problem of AIDS interfearing with completely free sex. Someone somewhere just had to fuck a monkey...

see fudgemonkey fuckmonkey
"Oh fuckamonkey!" expressing sexual frustration

"Somebody had to fuckamonkey"
by Andrew March 18, 2005
1. An exclamation of frustration
2. An exclamation of awesomeness
3. A dismissal
4. To totally suck at something
5. Something you say when there's nothing else to say
6. To have sexual intercourse with a primate
1. "Why won't this thing work??? Argh, fuck a monkey!"
2. "How 'bout that GWAR concert last night?" "Fuck a monkey, that was awesome!"
3. Dumbass walking in on conversation: "You like GWAR??? You guys are sickos!" Guys: "Oh, go fuck a monkey!"
4. *Awkward silence* "Fuck a monkey!"
5. "Man, I fuck a monkey at this!"
6. "I gotta go to the zoo and fuck a monkey."
by Blood Seraph February 16, 2007
1. A general exclamation of frusration.
2. An angry dismissal.
1. "This computer won't work! argh, fuck a monkey!!!
2. Guy 1: "god, your such a dumbass," Guy 2: "Oh, fuck a monkey!"
by BloodSeraph February 12, 2007