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General dickhead. See also Fucker, Asshole, Cunt et al.
That's not my wife you stoopid fuck knucle!
by Izzy Stewart April 08, 2003
143 26
Can be used to describe a person who is generally a dickhead, or used when something goes wrong.
A) You are such a fuck knuckle

B) Fuck knuckle!
by ~primakat~ August 05, 2005
82 19
A derisory term used to denote a particularly ineffective or annoying person or thing.
Refering to a Person: My fuck! What a useless cunt! I declare him to be an absolute fuckknuckle!

Refering to a thing: I'm not eating that processed fuckknucle Subway calls a sandwich!
by Reginald Whattabone March 01, 2005
68 28
An idiot, a dumb person.
Wow jones was a fuck knuckle to jump off that roof!
by Hayden The Sexy March 05, 2006
60 21
complete idiot
you know that fuckknuckle who got caught trying to break in to the police station
by John June 10, 2003
47 9
Similar to definition 1 for Fuck Nuts
Specifically a name for somebody you know and despise in one way or another.
"Have you met Wendy's new boyfriend Eric? Man, what a fuck knuckle that guy is!"
by Simonator May 04, 2006
44 22
Brick-like intellegence coupled with new levels of arse-holiness.
My boss is a real fuck-knuckle
by morningwood faerie February 05, 2003
19 4