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This is a typical behavior from a girl whom isn't very well put together...alright, a down-right mess that you shouldn't be fucking with in the first place. While amidst full coitus, your man shaft is deeply engaged with her purple-walled clam stem. Before you know it, while your ball bag is pressed against her brown spider hole, she lets a disco biscuit fly. The reverb from her gas flutters against your man sac and engulfs the room with a cloud of toxins. At this exact moment she grasps your arms tightly and makes you stare into her eyes while your fuck in her fart.
"Ahhh man, that chick is such a mess I can't stop staring at her, it's like staring into the sun, she'll totally make me fuck in the fart."

"I'd rather drink hot dog water than fuck in the fart with that broad!"

"I got so hammered hammered last night I went home with this train wreck and she made me fuck in the fart."
by CockCousteau October 23, 2012

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