A person who declines delicious home made leftovers when leaving a friend's, relative's, or stranger's home after a scrumptious meal has been provided free of charge.
Grandma: Here you go my loving grandson. I well wrapped plate of leftovers for you to have for lunch tomorrow.

Grandson: Aw grandma, that sure was sweet of you, but ou know that I don't eat left overs.

Dad: Hey you little un-grateful Fuck Weasel. You take those leftovers and thank your grandmother.
by txredfish May 31, 2009
Top Definition
a shade of fushia ... usually very bright but not neon or hot pink.
What color is your prom dress?
Fuck Weasel of course! :D
What color is that?
A bright pink.
by erin81698 July 13, 2011
a person who behaves in a sneaky manner to try and create favourable circumstances for themselves, or to cover their tracks, quite often at the expense of others. They use weasel-words to try and make a story sound in their favour whilst never directly lying, usually by leaving out key details such as who actually did a piece of work.

A fuckweasel will always avoid telling a direct lie in case they are exposed, giving them plausible deniability or letting them fall back onto "a misunderstanding" excuse, such as;

Boss> "I spoke to Steven and he said he'd written that report you said you'd done"
Weasel> "Ah no, sorry you must have misunderstood, I just came over earlier to tell you it was completed."

The "boss" in this case has no comeback as the fuckweasel is technically correct, although it is clear what the inference was in the original conversation.

A good fuckweasel will pick his or her stories cleverly to lower the chance that a discovery will occur.
My manager asked me to stay back last night and finish some content. When I came in this morning I found out that he had sent an email out early to the department saying it was finished and I spotted someone in the coffee point thanking him. I wasn't even mentioned. What a fuckweasel!
by the_manager July 11, 2013
A dipshit who can't drive.
Move your Yukon fuck weasel!
by Howie Feltersnatch January 01, 2004
dick; penis. the infamous appendage. mammalian version of trouser snake.
a weasel-like protuberance used for-- what it says.
Why don't I like Dan? Because he's a fuck weasel -- and if you can't see that, so are you.
by Sadsaque November 28, 2015
Someone who weasels into your life and fucks you over big time.
Jordin will forever be known as a fuck weasel to the rest of his "friends"
by Screaming Banshee Original April 06, 2016
n. a roomate's douchebag boyfriend
My boss called me a fuck weasel.
by Original Mean Girls January 08, 2009
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