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A child
Yea! look at that hot lady, too bad she has a fuck trophy.
by Capri388 April 17, 2003
A baby.
She's hot, but she has a couple of fuck trophies and I don't feel like being a daddy.
by Ed Anger February 23, 2003
a derogatory term for a child
man 1: "hey, i heard you have a kid with your girlfriend."

man 2: "yeah, it's my fuck trophy."
by minita May 25, 2006
1) Proof positive that at some point, somewhere, someone was desperate enough to fuck you.
2) Hell-spawn sprung forth from your loins
Think you could shut your fuck trophy up so that the rest of the restaurant could enjoy their dinner?
by scynthious April 23, 2010
child, kid, young boy/girl
Hey Billy check out that hottie with the kid. At least you know she puts out... she's got a Fuck Trophy.
by R.R. WMD October 03, 2007
A child born after having sexual intercourse.
"Yea her thighs look good now, but wait till she pops out her first Fuck Trophy."
by Chaindive August 04, 2007
Another word for kid, child, or offspring. Can also be used in the plural tense Fuck Trophies to represent children.
You know she likes to fuck, she has a fuck trophy, damn 4 fuck trophies...I'm out!
by Robert Mack August 16, 2007
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