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A 2 sided rape. When both parties fight for the dominate sex position.
Jim: I want to be on top!!
Kelly: No, I want to be on top!!
by xzybit April 25, 2008
A fight where the word 'fuck' is used basically every other word.
Ted: I fucking hate you, fucking idiot!
Jimolina: Fuck off. Go fuck your fucking mom!
Ted: Jimolina, fuck off! Why don't you fucking go and fucking fuck yourself!
Jimolina: Fuck it, I'm going fucking home.
Ted: Fine, fucker. At least I don't pussy out of fuck fights.
by Khaytiie February 18, 2008
A competition between two combatants of who can use the word "fuck" in the most awesomest way against eachother. A game of fate where the loser will perish. Usually a referee is present.

ref: Let the Fuck Fight, COMMENCE!

player 1: Fuck off!

player 2: Fuck you!

ref: Player 2 wins.. FINISH HIM!

player 2 rips off player 1's head*
by duhleuh October 07, 2006
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