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An ancient sexual technique where a woman lies flat on her back, legs spread. A man then runs from a few meters away with a full erection and jumps, grabbing his ankles in mid flight then lands perfectly inside the female partner where ejaculation and orgasm are achieved instantly.
"That was the best fuck bomb i've had since 82"
by Thorndale July 10, 2008
What you drop on people who use the word F-bomb, alternately, it can also be used to replace the word fuck.
Fag: "Did you just hear that kid drop the f-bomb"
Guy: "I can't believe he would just drop the fuck-bomb like that"
Fag: "Oh no, now you did it too!"
Guy: "Shut the fuck-bomb up or ill ream you're ass"
by Coombop March 12, 2009
A theatrical term to describe the reaction of the more puritanical members of an audience when the word "fuck" is first used in a play.
"Did you see that couple get up and walk out when I dropped the 'fuck-bomb'?"

by drbollocks May 09, 2008
An expletive of joy coined recently in a small Canadian east coast city due to a minor speech impediment and a lot of weed.
"Schools Cancelled? The PIPES BURST?! FUCKBOMB!"
by M.U.R.P.H. April 13, 2005
When you release shit, cum, piss, snot, and puke from your body all at the same time. The after-effects are bleeding from the ears.
Oh my, Gary looks pretty ill. I think he's gonna fuck bomb.
by Armageddon125 February 01, 2008
(n) fuck bomb or a bomb of fuck is when someone is exploding with fuckness (fuckness is like gayness or homoness or douchness but to the highest degree so dont just casually say its basically the worst thing you can call somebody)
matt is such a fuck bomb
by JP1234567890 September 30, 2009
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