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the state of satisfaction, similar to sexual pleasure, on hearing a story or anectode, or even just his name, of Stephen Fry
My friend frygasm's whenever they watch QI.
by MrGator February 27, 2012
A sudden moaning while eating french fries.
Yesterday in McDonalds, while polishing off my fries, I experienced a fry-gasm.
by Purplevalley ! December 02, 2007
A peak in pleasure usually for sex (orgasm), but in this case its a peak of pleasure when a person enjoys his/her fries.

Yes! I did say fries. One can have the best kind of pleasure in eating fries.
guy1: these are the best damn fries EVER!!
guy2: chill out it sounds like you are having an orgasm!
guy1: you mean frygasm! YUM!
by theharpoon's bro November 04, 2009
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