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Frustrated amd tired at the same time
Ur always frusty wen u come home from that dead end construction job!
by AJ February 09, 2005
adj. An individual who looks very pissed-off or frustrated
Guy 1: Have you seen Jane today?

Guy 1: Yeah dude, she was looking really frusty
by akshbfiwubDVKSFHGVADSOUFHBQWOE October 23, 2013
adjective ( , frust.i.est )

An amalgamation of the words 'frustrated' and 'rusty', implying a lack of understanding towards mating rituals caused by absence of sex.
The double entendre drifted past Nicholai, he was getting frusty.
by Harry Mathias May 22, 2011
Frustrated version of Crusty the clown. One who is frustrated to a humorous extent.
My brother Luke can be incredibly frusty on Mondays.
by Ruth Sequeira November 06, 2007
Adj. The combination of frustrated and horny; the feeling of sexual frustration when one desperately needs to have sex or masturbate. Commonly felt by single people who haven't had sex in a while.
I haven't wanked in a week and I'm getting all frusty.

Sharon was so frusty last night, she was rubbing up on Michael the whole time!

Poor Nicole must be frusty, she's been relating everything to sex lately.

I don't understand... you have a boyfriend but you still feel frusty?
by straightbangs July 12, 2011
adj. Big Flirt. Can refer to both male and female
Did you see Nora all over that guy last night. She was acting like a major frusty!
by Marichel April 17, 2007
When one is extremely sexually frustated.
That girl hasn't gotten dick in like 4 weeks she's super frusty
by Lolfrusty May 04, 2015

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