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Combination of 'Fuck' and 'Crap'. Often used when trying not to swear badly.
Frup! I hit my head on the doorframe.
by mandraco January 18, 2005
10 24
Frup is a combo of FUCK and CRAP used when not wanting to swear, it is usually used by RAHs or Sloanes or the privately educated.
Oh frup I lost my purse
by rah90 June 03, 2010
30 8
Frup - The noise that is made when someone counts their large wodge of cash.

Making this noise and counting your cash means you are a tight fisted penny pincher - who would rather count money than spend it - a Frup!
Jo-Jo is out for dinner again without his wallet, what a frup!
by Lokipop January 18, 2011
6 4
bits of food hanging in your beard or bits of beard mixing with your food.
ewww, check out the frup on that guy..
im saving my frup for laterrr!!
by yoyofatbitch December 14, 2010
1 4
The same as fuck. Used when in pain.
ARGH! My fruppin' eye!!
by Volkie February 18, 2003
5 23
breast, tit
delicious pair of frups on that
by james August 07, 2003
6 25
Faculty of Regional & Urban Planning
by Newton Raphson May 13, 2003
6 25