To act very drunk when you have not consumed as much alcohol as you said, to act fake drunk.
Ryan was mad frunk last night he had already made two mixed drinks and we hadn't even gotten a run yet.
by M_murderer November 24, 2006
Top Definition
A trunk on the front end of a mid- or rear-engined car.
I like Beetles and MR2s, because frunks are cool!
by Ian July 27, 2005
to be so drunk that you do not no what is going on or what is happening. (fucking drunk)

fucking drunk = frunk!
Wow i was so frunk! last night i can't remember what happened.
Lets go party man! GET FRUNK!
by imApirate January 17, 2006
The act of being fucking drunk; Drinking too much to the point of blacking out; Texting ex girlfriends saying you would want to fuck them instead of other girls while being drunk;
"Brad texted me, he's tell me he wants to fuck only me, i think he's frunk!"

"yeah it would seem that way."
by Rachel Cristina April 11, 2009
When you eat so much you feel drunk.
You get knocked out from the amount of food you consumed
Mitch: Bro, I ate 2 double quarter pounders and 2 bigmacs. Shit I'm frunk.
Jo: Damn.
by Tishbi January 02, 2009
contraction of the words front and trunk, referring to the front trunk of a car as the one on the Tesla Model S.
—Where am I supposed to put all the suitcases? the trunk is already packed!
—Just put them in the frunk.
by yac January 15, 2013
1. The front trunk of a vehicle.

2. Volumputious sexual organs of a human being.
1. The frunk of that car is very messy.

2. Oh my Brittany your frunks are very big and bouncy.


Whatcha gunna do with all that junk all that junk inside your frunk??
by torannaayy February 28, 2009
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