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When a man ejaculates on his own knee and slams it into the nose of his female companion.
Jerry hoogaboogood all over the face of Jonna and she was pleased with the results.
by DenVenru August 08, 2006
One who has gone out of his way to be extra queer.
"Last night Major and I were hanging out (kinda queer just two guys), when all of a sudden he tried to kiss me (extra queer for male on male attempts)." "He was being a massive Queerby."
by DenVenru August 21, 2006
A Person, More Than Likely A Female Who Doesn`t Put Out.
Last Night I Was With Athina Alone, And She Was A PWDPO.
by DenVenru August 20, 2006
One Who has Mastered The Art Of Faking Drunkness In Order To Obtain Sexual Gratification.
Last night 67 guys hooked up with Sam because she was frunk.
by DenVenru August 27, 2006

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