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*Frumple* be *round* and yet *lumpy*. So bad!!!
It is better not to *frumple* or else there is so much problems.
by camper February 07, 2004
Dimples created by frowning.
Tony has cute dimples when he smile, but more prominent when he frowns. We call them frumples.
by M000se October 16, 2012
Frumples sin-uh-muhn buhn
a honey bun flavored with cinnamon and often containing raisins.
i had a frumples for breakfast
by figpc October 22, 2008
v. to rumple or otherwise set in disarray.
His clothes were frumpled from the previous night.
by xavm February 22, 2009
Using the folds of a persons back to create an orifice in which a person can preform an act similar to a tit job by thrusting their member in and out of the layering skin.
Dude this chick totally let me frumple her last night, her shoulder blades will be sore for weeks!
by forlillivs August 03, 2010
The upraised lump of one's pants in the crotch region. Typically caused by the natural structure of the pants.
Dude, check out my frumple. It's huge when I sit like this
by kohlslaw04 February 16, 2010
Dude, those girls think you are a frumple.
by StupidMF December 23, 2009
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