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An inability to recognize obvious signs of male homosexuality. Most prevalent in frumpy straight women who pursue romance with attractive gay men.
Your fiance is gay. Look at you. Look at him. Classic case of fruit blindness.
by hachface May 17, 2009
A gay man's inability to recognize the obvious lack of attractiveness in his female friends or beards. Usually applies in cases of very attractive gay men who, when they're in the closet, date much less attractive desperate women.

Sometimes misused to denote an inability to recognize obvious homosexuality.
Tom tries to make out with dudes when he drinks, even though he's dating Lisa. Tom's a 10 and Lisa's a 4. It's an obvious case of fruit blindness.

She was desperate and had really bad gaydar. You think it's awesome that she's dating such hot guys until you realize that it's a case of serious fruit blindness.
by emmabrocker May 19, 2012
When attractive secretly gay men date unattractive women due to their inability to distinguish good looking and bad looking girls
"Why is he dating her? He could do so much better!"

"He's obviously gay and can't tell that she's ugly. Classic case of fruitblindness."
by lezlimon May 22, 2012
Inability to recognize homosexuals. Lack of gaydar. Typically used in reference to girlfriends/wives of gay men.
Uh, your boyfriend is totally gay. You have an obvious case of fruit blindness.
by MisterBadIdea1 May 14, 2009

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