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Painful condition associated with unbearable, bitter, bone chilling cold
Damn it's cold in our office today. I think I may be suffering from frozation
by Vicki F October 18, 2004
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Frozation is a state of which your body goes into being frozen slowly and it is totally unbearable and there is nothing worse. Freezing to death!
Lana said if this plane crashes on a mountain, to please sneak up on her and kill her and eat her first, as she would never want to die from frazation.

Frozation would be the worst way to die that I can think of, as freezing to death slowly, would not be something I would ever want to imagine.
#freezing #frozen #burrrr #icey #chill #below freezing!
by Lana-GigglesOverU March 01, 2009
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