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2 definitions by Lana-GigglesOverU

Frozation is a state of which your body goes into being frozen slowly and it is totally unbearable and there is nothing worse. Freezing to death!
Lana said if this plane crashes on a mountain, to please sneak up on her and kill her and eat her first, as she would never want to die from frazation.

Frozation would be the worst way to die that I can think of, as freezing to death slowly, would not be something I would ever want to imagine.
by Lana-GigglesOverU March 01, 2009
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Whan some how your uncle become's also your brother and you are unsure of what to actually call him when introducing him to other's.
When my mom took in my Uncle who was only 4 year's older then me and 2 year's older then my sister, but was 18 year's younger then my mom, he was my Uncle who became my Brother. He was now my Bruncle!

Hey, check out Lana's bruncle. He's pretty cool how he is alway's there for her, just like a brother would be.

When you consider your uncle to be more of a brother then an uncle, he become's your bruncle... Yipee!
by Lana-GigglesOverU March 01, 2009
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