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1. n. An afro rotating so fast it separates itself into it's much simpler elements i.e. ,(Understanding, acceptance, and peace).

2. v. Frotating, Frotated, Frotate. The act of calmly existing in a state of absolute understanding, acceptance, and peace.
1 n. Chris Kaz shook his head so fast his afro gave off intense frotations to all in the room. That day they all gave up bickering over their opinions about Miley Cyrus claiming that their actions violated the 3 elements of Frotation, and instead had one last, long and well thought out conversation to solve all the worlds major problems(war, racism, sexism, poverty, etc.) as best as they could. (See definition 1)

2. v. Budha, Ghandi, Jesus, Albert Einstein, and John Lennon were all wonderful at Frotating. (See definition 2)
by The Frotations October 14, 2013
See Hot Dogging. Frotation is the chicano slang for Dry humping with no clothes. The act of placing a penis between Vaginal lips, or Butt Cheeks and thrusting without penetration.
Miss piggy was looking fiiine, but didn't wanna get preggo and Kermy didn't have a condom, so they decided frotation was the answer, they frotated till he jizzed all over rizzo's face!
by The Bakkulas July 11, 2009

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