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Phrase used to describe a woman wearing excess make-up.
Heavily applied make-up including foundation, eyeliner, blush, rouge, and lipstick.
Dude, loved that hostess, but she had a lot of frosting on the cake!

The only problem with cougars is they have way too much frosting on the cake.
by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
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frosting on the cake - the image after someone distributes a huge load of semen all over someones face.
or the act of pulling out of doggy style and busting all over a girls butt.

frosting the cake - the act of ejaculating all over someones face. (thus frosting them).

frosting or to frost (v.) - the act of masturbating or ejaculating
"dude.. u frosted her cake."
"yo i just frosted your cake"

the frosting on the cake was huge and nasty
by juniors2011 May 26, 2011

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